For Mentees

What is a PS Mentor?
A Physical Sciences mentor is an alumni or a friend of the School who volunteers to coach an undergraduate student during the academic year (October - May). A mentor is a guide, friend and resource who shares education and professional experience to help pave the way for students to succeed professionally and academically. We have mentors in the fields of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Earth System Science, and Mathematics who are working in medical technology, pharmaceuticals, law, environment, business, dentistry, education, etc.

As a PS Mentee...

  • Receive career and academic advice
  • Learn about different jobs, career paths, and industries
  • Explore new ideas and areas of interest
  • Develop a professional network
  • Enhance your professional and communication skills, and learn business conduct


Sign Up...

  1. Sign up online during the window when registration is open and list your top preferred mentors.
  2. Attend a mandatory orientation and the Mentor/Mentee Interviews
  3. The program coordinator will match you with a mentor based on your preferences after the Mentor/Mentee Interview, and email you his/her contact info.
  4. Send an introductory email to your mentor.
  5. Attend PS Mentor Program Events and stay in touch with your mentor on a regular basis.

*Remote mentors, or mentors who cannot be physically present at events, are welcome to the program as long as they maintain regular contact with student though telephone or online communication.


The Mentoring Process
For mentoring to be successful, both parties must work at developing a relationship and should remain open-minded, respectful and abide by the expectations they have set. Each duo has the flexibility to set their own expectations regarding meetings, communication, goals, etc. We strongly encourage participants to complete the Mentor Agreement Form, and attend the three mandatory Mentor Program Events hosted by the School of Physical Sciences. Students are in control and are expected to be proactive participants and fully engaged in the relationship.