Glenn Shaw

Director of Operations

B.S. in Applied Physics, specialization in Engineering Physics (Electrical Engineering), Credential of Readiness HBS, Certification in Strategy

Career Path: 

Glenn Shaw - Director of Operations @ HUMBL. HUMBL is one of the only publicly traded blockchain technology companies, and hit a billion dollar market cap last year(pre-retracement). It has the first US Air Force Blockchain contract as well as the first California County blockchain contract with the county of Santa Cruz. Its founders also founded the first legally registered DAO in America, BLOCKS.

HUMBL also acquired Tickeri, the largest Latin American ticketing company in the US, as well as Monster LA, Hollywood's premiere trailer studio. HUMBL just had their S-1 registration approved by the SEC and sits on California's governors blockchain panel with the likes of Coinbase, Square, and Opensea to assist with regulation.

Aside from HUMBL, Glenn does individual consulting (for people like Jayprehistoricpets) and cofounder of Full Potential Agency and is also an advisor for Glia Consulting, Decentrelon, and partnered with Famecast (with founder of Google Adsense), WinSanTor (with Founder of Apple Face ID) and 1of1Custom (official ears of the Grammys) with one of the founding members of Angry Birds / Farmville.

Career Experience: 
Blockchain Technology, Business Operations, Business Development, Corporate Development, Product Management, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics.
Triangle Fraternity
Neoren Member
Beall & Butterworth Startup Competition
Crypto Yacht Club
Personal Interests: 
Travel, food (used to review food), blockchain, gaming, anime, Lord of the Rings, animals, connecting likeminded people, building and consulting.
Type of Students: 
Any student who isn't quite sure what path they want to go down in their career, especially one that is interested in entrepreneurship opportunities and flexible and open-minded.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
1 year 6 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
I'd love to mentor students long-term, and build a relationship far beyond the end of a quarter or year.
I would hope that I can add direct value to my mentees through my experience and network, and have a relationship that isn't formal, but one of friendship.