Wilson Lee

Self Employed Consultant
DHA Consulting

BS Earth Systems Science

MS Environmental Engineering

Career Path: 

Trinity Consultants - Environmental Consultant 3 years

URS/AECOM - Staff Civil Engineer 7 years

Orange County Waste and Recycling - Assistant Civil Engineer 3 years

Self Employed Financial Consultant in high risk markets

Career Experience: 
Civil Engineering
Environmental Consulting
Personal Interests: 
Most of my time is with my two young daughters 4 and 2 years old during the day. I find time throughout the day and week to work.
Type of Students: 
Any student who would like to learn how to tackle an unforgiving economy to achieve goals that are most likely a moving target.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
2 years 4 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
A curious student who takes initiative asking any question they have about post-college life.
Remote Mentor: