Machine Learning Bootcamp

        This event will introduce students and faculty to IT and machine learning concepts. In addition it will display some of the ways that Machine Learning is being used in Physical Sciences. The speakers who will be presenting at the bootcamp will include: Nadia Ahmed, Pierre Baldi, Nathan Crawford, Jason Kahn, David Kirkby,  Matthew Laffin, John Lowengrub, Ryan Mccarthy, Ryan Padilla, Mike Pritchard, Sean Raven, Yanning Shen, Pedro Silva, and Jessica Yu. The event will be held October 17-19. Each day will focus on a different subject matter; Thursday October 17 will focus on programming tools, Friday October 18 will focus on Machine Learning; and Saturday October 19 will showcase Machine Learning projects in Physical Sciences. 



Thursday 10/17: NS2 (Natural Sciences II, building 402) 1201, overflow room NS2 2201.

Friday 10/18: CRH (Croul Hall, building 417) 3101, overflow room NS2 1201.

Saturday 10/19: ALP (Anteater Learning Pavillion, building 605)  2300.