The UCI Physical Sciences Machine Learning (PSML) NEXUS program was launched in October 2019 and it aims to build a network of data science practitioners among the physical science research areas within UCI. It also aims to provide the assistance and resources required to construct a machine learning-friendly collaborative environment. Seminars are organized on Tuesdays every other week where UCI faculties as well as invited speakers share their physical science motivated machine-learning research experiences. These lectures help to bring together physical science researchers, statisticians, and computer science researchers who are developing state-of-the-art machine learning methods or are interested in applying these methods in their research. In addition, there are weekly or biweekly machine learning journal clubs in each of the four departments that are maintained by a data-science fellow. Graduate students can communicate directly with the data-science fellows about their recommendations and needs. Interested graduate students are encouraged to subscribe to our mailing list or reach out to any of the data-science fellows via email.