Useful How To Convert from Pacific Time to Universal Time

The state of California lies in the Pacific time zone.
Pacific Standard Time (PST) runs approximately from November thru March.
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) runs approximately from April to October.

In 1986, the US declared that Daylight savings time:

  • Begins at 2am on the 1st Sunday in April when we "spring ahead" by 1 hr.
  • Ends at 2am on the last Sunday in October when we "fall back" by 1 hr.

Note however that not all states adopt Daylight savings time. For example, Hawaii and Arizona do not.

The timing for most astronomical events, such as solar or lunar eclipses, is quoted in Universal Time (UT), which is the time in Greenwich, UK.
To convert from PDT and PST to/from UT use the following relationships:

        UT = PDT + 7 hrs   (Apr - Oct)
        UT = PST + 8 hrs   (Nov - Mar)