WWWF'94: List of Papers being Presented

In alphabetical order by Paper Title

Copied by franklin@uci.edu (including duplicate items 82 and 83) from http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SDG/IT94/Agenda/Papers-received-title.html
This list is also available in alphabetical order by author.
  1. Jui-Chieh Hsu, William Johnston, John McCarthy
    Active Outlining for HTML Documents: An X-Mosaic Implementation
  2. David W. Filiatrault, Craig A. Lightle, James E. Simmons, and Jerrold M. Grochow
    AMS on the World-Wide-Web
  3. Guy Singh and Roger Binns
    An API to Mosaic
  4. K. Srinivas, K. Gopinath, V. Jagannathan, R. Karinthi, Matthew Fuchs, Y.V. Reddy, George Almasi, and Tad Davis
    Applications of Mosaic in Health Care Delivery
  5. Sandy Ressler
    Approaches Using Virtual Environments with Mosaic
  6. Stuart Weibel, Eric Miller and Jean Godby and Ralph LeVan
    An Architecture for Scholarly Publishing on the World Wide Web
  7. Rand Bohrer
    Architecture of the Future: -- A Web Exhibition
  8. Tamas E. Doszkocs, Seth B. Widoff, and Bruno M. Vasta
    Associative Concept Navigation in MEDLINE and other NLM Databases via a Mosaic - Forms - WWW Interface Combining Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems and (un)Conventional Information Retrieval Techniques
  9. Robert E. Jackson
    AstroWeb Tools
  10. William H. Holland
    AT&T and the World Wide Web
  11. Steven D. Whitehead
    Auto-FAQ: An Experiment in cyberspace leveraging
  12. Ken Goldberg, Michael Mascha, Steven Gentner, Nick Rothenberg, Carl Sutter, and Jeff Wiegley
    Beyond the Web: Excavating the Real World Via Mosaic
  13. Robert Keith Thralls Sr.
    Building HTML Application Systems: Converting Existing MS-Windows Applications to HTML
  14. Greg Bean
    Building Web Servers for Microcomputer Foundation
  15. John Vekar and Saul Schwartz
    The Canadian Virtual Policy and Administration Community
  16. Joanna Mason, Marek Czernuszenko, Dana Plepys, and Thomas A. DeFanti
    CAVEview: Mosaic-based Virtual Reality
  17. Henry S. Rzepa and Christopher Leach
    Chemistry in the Web: Hyperactive Molecules
  18. Kathryn M. Humm
    Chesley Bonestell Art Gallery
  19. Julia A. Collins
    Climate Research and the Web: Integrating World Wide Web and Mosaic Capabilities into the Climate Diagnostics Center
  20. Per Einar Dybvik and Hakon W. Lie
    Combining WWW/Mosaic with Realtime Multimedia Conferencing in Distance Education
  21. Paul Hoffman, Randy Adams, Dale Dougherty, Robert Frasca, Mark Ingalls
    Commercial Web Information Providers
  22. Stephan M. Spencer, Max L. Nibert, and Jean-Yves Sgro
    Communicating Information about Virus Structure and Biology Via the World Wide Web
  23. Will Hill, Mark Rosenstein, and Larry Stead
    Community and History-of-Use Navigation
  24. Minh Huynh, Laird Popkin, and Matthew Stecker
    Constructing a Corporate Memory Infrastructure from Internet Discovery Technologies
  25. S. Hurley, A. D. Marshall, S. N. McIntosh-Smith and N. M. Stephens
    Courseware for Parallel Computing using Mosaic and the World Wide Web
  26. Robert E. Kent and Christian Neuss
    Creating Web Analysis and Visualization Environment
  27. Jim Petruzzelli
    Critical Thinking with the Interactive Text: Decentering Textual Authority with Mosaic
  28. Hans B. Sieburg, Stella Veretnik, Jay M. Otero, and Donald E. Mosier
    Cybermouse WWW Simulation Server
  29. Steve Lewontin and Mary Ellen Zurko
    The DCE Web Project: Providing Authorization and Other Distributed Services to the World Wide Web
  30. Bonnie Thurber and Bob Davis
    Designing a Server with a K - 8 School in Mind
  31. J.M. Ivler
    Developing In-house Applications for Northrop Grumman on the F/A-18 E/F Program Using Mosaic and HTTPD
  32. David R. Britton Jr. and Arthur A. Reyes
    Discovering Usability Improvements for Mosaic: Applications of the Contextual Inquiry Technique with an Expert User
  33. John Schmitz, Marsha Woodbury, Mary Connors, Aaron Buckley, and Chip Aubry
    Discovery System
  34. Jim Davis and Carl Lagoze
    Drop-in Publishing with the World Wide Web
  35. Tom Pinckney, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Joshua A. Tauber
    Dynamic Documents: Extensibility and Adaptability in the WWW
  36. Katie S. Oliver, Christine Remenyik, Alexander Crosby, and Jim Kazmer
    Dynamic Hypertext Navigation and Display Management
  37. Michael J. Keeler
    The Earth System Science Community Curriculum Testbed
  38. Arnold Kling
    The Economic Consequences of the World Wide Web
  39. Mark Ginsburg and Ajit Kambil
    The EDGAR Project: A Case Study in Disseminating Financial Data on the Internet
  40. Steven F. Rung
    Electronic Imaging of a Macintosh Page
  41. Marc E. Salomon and David C. Martin
    An Electronic Journal Browser Implemented in the World Wide Web
  42. Karen M. Strom
    Electronic Publication and Data Distribution for the Star Formation Group in the Five College Astronomy Department
  43. Pat Ward and Kristopher Davis
    Empowering Students in the Information Age Pat Ward and Kristopher Davis
  44. Dave Eichmann
    Ethical Web Agents
  45. Antia Behram, Brett Stroozas, William Boyd, Carol Christian, Kuei Chen
    EUV Astrophysics and the World Wide Web
  46. Alan Falconer Slater
    Extending W3 Clients
  47. Thane J. Frivold, Ruth E. Lang, and Martin W. Fong
    Extending WWW for Synchronous Collaboration
  48. Maria Roussos and Paul Brenner
    The File Room: An Interactive Archive of Cultural Censorship
  49. Brian Pinkerton
    Finding What People Want: Experiences with theWebCrawler
  50. Christine A. Quinn
    From Grass Roots to Corporate Image - The Maturation of the Web
  51. M. Donszelmann and K. Rodden
    Gateways for World-Wide Web in the 'Online' Data Acquisition System of the DELPHI Experiment at CERN
  52. Brandon S. Plewe
    The GeoWeb Project: Using WAIS and the World Wide Web to Aid Location of Distributed Data Sets
  53. Andre' DeHon, Jeremy Brown, Ian Eslick, Jake Harris, Lara Karbiner, and Thomas F. Knight, Jr.
    Global Cooperative Computing
  54. Mary Rasmussen, Brad Blumenthal, Steve Borysewicz, and Paul Neumann
    The Global Interactive Museum using Mosaic
  55. Elizabeth Fischer
    Graffiti on the Web: A Cultural Interchange A Lighthearted Romp with an Artist in Webland that Stops Being Lighthearted at the End
  56. Michael F. Schwartz, C. Mic Bowman, Peter B. Danzig, Darren R. Hardy, and Udi Manber
    The Harvest Information Discovery and Access System
  57. Donald Jennings, Peter Damon, Maia Good, and Ryszard Pisarski
    How to Present Lots of Volatile Information on the World Wide Web
  58. James L. Seidman
    An HTML Extension to Support Client-Side Image maps
  59. Brian Sullivan, Jonathan Ryan Day, Jeff Spitulnik, and Elliot Soloway
    HTML Made Easy: HTML Claris XTND Translator
  60. C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, Robert F. Goldstein
    HTML to the Max: A Manifesto for Adding SGML Intelligence to the World-Wide Web
  61. Gottfried Mayer-Kress, William Bender, John Bazik
    Hyper-Media on the Internet as a Tool for Approaching Global Problems: A Tele-Conferencing Experiment
  62. Jeremy Brown, Jake Harris, Lara Karbiner, Massimiliano Poletto, Andre' DeHon, Ian Eslick, and Thomas F. Knight, Jr.
  63. Judy Cossel Rice
    Hypermedia for HyperKids
  64. Sue Gollifer
    'Imaging the future': Issues of Identity and Authenticity of a Work of Art
  65. Alan Richmond and Nick White
    Implementation of an Astrophysics Information System on the World-Wide Web
  66. E. Fox and N. Dwight Barnette
    Improving Education through a CS Digital Library with Three Types of WWW Servers
  67. Jeffrey C. Mogul and Venkata N. Padmanabhan
    Improving WWW Latency
  68. Ariel Poler
    Improving WWW Marketing Through User Information and Non-Intrusive Communications
  69. Stephen Uhler
    Incorporating real-time audio on the Web
  70. Robert J. Kummerfeld and J. Kay
    An Individualised Course for the C Programming Language
  71. Leon Shklar, Satish Thatte, Howard Marcus, and Amit Sheth
    The InfoHarness Information Integration Platform
  72. Paul Campbell, Lawrence Fitzpatrick, David C. Macdonald, and Adrienne Griffith
    Information Access: A Cornerstone of Web Publishing
  73. Brian Smithson and Barbara Singer
    An Information Clearinghouse Server for Industry Consortia
  74. Paul Boyer
    Information Discovery and Distillation in Government: An Experience Report
  75. Frederick Zimmerman and Peter Young
    Information for a Changing World: CIESIN's Use of WWW To Facilitate Access to Data and Information Relevant to Human Interactions In The Environment
  76. Jodi Moline
    Inline Support for Vector Files: Engineering Drawings on the WWW
  77. Michael Ridley
    Innovation and Implementation: Adopting and Managing World Wide Web Services in Academic Libraries
  78. Rajiv Tewari
    Innovative Courseware Development with Mosaic and WWW
  79. Bhavna Chhabra, Darren R. Hardy, Allan Hundhausen, David Merkel, John D. Noble, and Michael F. Schwartz
    Integrating Complex Data Access Methods into the Mosaic/WWW Environment
  80. Calum Smeaton and Alan Slater
    Integrating Simulations and W3 Courseware
  81. Pagogh Cho, James Gutierrez, Anne LeMaistre, M.D., Cameron Payne, Russell Pruitt, and Charlotte Wilcox
    IntelliTeaching - High Impact Learning
  82. Nancy B. Davis, Pagogh Cho, James Gutierrez, Cameron Payne, Russell Pruitt, Charlotte Wilcox, and Anne LeMaistre, M.D.
    Interactive Computer Based Programs Versus Traditional Methods For Self-Study
  83. Nancy B. Davis, Pagogh Cho, James Gutierrez, Cameron Payne, Russell Pruitt, Charlotte Wilcox, and Anne LeMaistre, M.D.
    Interactive Computer Based Programs Versus Traditional Methods For Self-Study
  84. Brian Kroeker, Hilde Colenbrander, Henry Fan, and George Phillips
    Interactive Database Communication Across the World Wide Web: Accessing Statistics Canada's CANSIM Database
  85. James R Halama and Anne Kreft, and Robert E. Henkin
    An Interactive Electronic Bulletin Board Implementation For Mosaic and HTTP Server
  86. Bradley Carl Beck and Antonio M. Baptista
    An Interactive Forum for Convection-Diffusion Problems
  87. Tony Boston and David Stockwell
    Interactive Species Distribution Reporting, Mapping, and Modelling Using the World Wide Web
  88. Jean Clucas and Velvin (Val) Watson
    Interactive Visualization of Computational Fluid Dynamics using Mosaic
  89. Joel D. Register and John L. Gerone
    Interfaces for Public Information and Scientific Research
  90. Nick Arnett
    The Internet and the Anti-net
  91. Philip Tsang James Henri and Sandy Tse
    Internet Growth in Austalia and Asia's Four Dragons
  92. Simon A. Rakov
    The Internet Sampler: A Mosaic-Based Museum Kiosk About the Internet
  93. Michael L. Bayle, Burton H. Lee, A. Goto, Y. Sakamoto, J. Hong, V. Lam, T. Takada, M. Washisaka, A. Yamazaki, and K. Kada
    Japan Window: A US-Japan WWW Collaboration for Japan Information
  94. Margaret L. McLaughlin and Sheizaf Rafaeli
    The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  95. Robert Godwin-Jones
    Language Learning and the World Wide Web
  96. Daniel Perron
    Learning on the WWW: A Case Study
  97. David Glazer
    Lessons Learned Implementing a Navigation Server for the Web
  98. Jonathan Soo
    Live Multimedia over HTTP
  99. Steve Hankin and Jerry Davison
    Live Visualization and Extraction of Climate Data with Mosaic and FERRET
  100. Lauren A. Bednarcyk and Kevin D. Bond
    A Local Web for Information Delivery
  101. Baltazar Espiritu, John A. McNulty, James R. Halama, Arcot J. Chandrasekhar, Ronald Price, Jr., and Brain Maggi
    The Loyola University Medical Education Network
  102. Darrell Woelk and Christine Tomlinson
    The MCC InfoSleuth Project: Intelligent Search Management via Semantic Agents
  103. Gary Welz
    The Media Business on the WWW
  104. Anthony J. Frisby, James Baggott, Sharon Dennis, and Rod Murray
    Medical Education and the World Wide Web
  105. Roger B. Blumberg
    MendelWeb: An Electronic Science/Math/History Resource for the WWW
  106. Vivian M. Benton, Dan Dwyer, Cordelia Baron Geiken, Greg McArthur, and Joshua Polterock
    MetaCenter Science Highlights Repository
  107. Peter Roden and Suzana Lisanti
    MIT's Campus-Wide Information System: Scaling up for World Wide Web Support
  108. N. N. Soreide, L. McCarty, and D. C. McClurg
    Mosaic Access to Realtime Data from the TOGA-TAO Array of Moored Buoys
  109. Chris Prah and Diane DiGiovanni
    Mosaic as Corporate Data Collector and Dispenser
  110. Jaromir Likavec
    Mosaic Launches New Dimensions in the LAN Management
  111. Jeff Sedayao
    "Mosaic will kill my network!" Studying Network Traffic Patterns of Mosaic Use
  112. David A. Gee and Mike Boulter
    MosaicForms Database Access ?: A Palaeobotanic case study
  113. John J. Frett, Elizabeth O. Mackenzie, and Dewey Caron
    A Multimedia Presentation of Plants in the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens Utilizing Mosaic
  114. Roger B. Blumberg
    Museums, Public Lands, and Billboards: Toward a Philosophy of the World Wide Web
  115. Syed S. Towheed
    NASA's Use of the World Wide Web to Deliver Shoemaker-Levy 9 Collision Data in Near-Real Time
  116. James Baggott and Sharon E. Dennis
  117. Ernest Daddio and William Turnbull
    NOAA on the Web - the experiences and future of one Nation-wide user
  118. Thomas Baker, Inke Bruning, Lothar Klein, and Michael Lenz
    Not Free, but Growing Fast: The Web in Germany
  119. Shelley G. Ford and Robert C. Stern
    OmniPort: Integrating Legacy Data into the WWW
  120. Gerard Martin
    Online Fair Use Of Copyrighted Material: Issues and Concerns
  121. Anna-Lena Neches, Cesar Pina, Paul Postel, and Craig Milo Rogers
    Online Procurement at ISI: Transitioning to the Web
  122. Dan Cantrall
    The Oregon State Archives on the World Wide Web: A Case Study in Building a New User Base for Government Services
  123. Robert E. Wray, III, Ronald Chong, Joseph Phillips, Seth Rogers, William Walsh, and John Laird
    Organizing Information in Mosaic: A Classroom Experiment
  124. Hope A. Greenberg
    The Ovid Project: Metamorphosizing the Metamorphoses
  125. Stefan Gessler and Andreas Kotulla
    PDAs as mobile WWW browsers
  126. M. G. Lavenant and John A. Kruper
    Phoenicia: A Model for World-Wide Web Based Campus Information Systems
  127. Susan Slavney and Thomas C. Stein
    Planetary Science Data Distribution on the Web: The Magellan Standard Products Catalog
  128. Lynn Jacobsen, David Millman, and Walter Bourne
    Providing Access to a Data Library: SQL and Full-Text IR Methods of Automatically Generating Web Structure
  129. Edwin Hastings and Dilip H. Kumar
    Providing Customers Information Using the WEB and CORBA
  130. Carlos A. Varela and Caroline C. Hayes
    Providing Data on the Web: From Examples to Programs
  131. Andrew L. Fry
    Publishing in the New Mass Medium: Creating Content on the Internet
  132. Andreas Myka
    Putting Paper Documents in the World-Wide Web
  133. Dragomir R. Radev
    RENDEZVOUS: A WWW Synchronization System
  134. Laurie Gelb
    A Representational Data Model for Web Site Administrators
  135. Ellis S. Cohen
    Review-Based Information Services:Lessons Learned from The Boston Restaurant List
  136. Mark J. Cox and John E. F. Baruch
    Robotic Telescopes: An Interactive Exhibit on the World Wide Web
  137. Paul De Bra and R. D. J. Post
    Searching for Arbitrary Information in the World Wide Web:the Fish-Search for Mosaic
  138. Rajeev Joshi and Hans Joseph
    Selective Presentation of Information on the Web
  139. Hsinchun Chen
    The Semantic Retrieval for NCSA Mosaic
  140. Phillip M. Hallam-Baker, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, and Ari Luotonen
    SHEN Security Enhancements to HTTP
  141. John R. Punin and Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy
    A Simple HTML Editor
  142. Jim Pitkow and Mimi Recker
    A Simple Yet Robust Caching Algorithm Based on Dynamic Access Patterns
  143. Judith Donath, Niel Robertson
    The Sociable Web
  144. Dean Savage
    Social Science Uses of Mosaic at the City University of New York
  145. Keith Werkman and Jeff Poulin
    Software Reuse Libraries with Mosaic
  146. Hal Varian
    Some FAQs about Usage-Based Pricing
  147. Al Globus and Chris Beaumont
    Spinning a Useful Weblet
  148. Jakob Nielsen and Darrell Sano
    SunWeb: User Interface Design for Sun Microsystem's Internal Web
  149. Ann Koopman and Sharon Hay
    Swim At Your Own Risk - No Librarian On Duty: Large-Scale Application of Mosaic in an Academic Library
  150. Michael Rees and Tak Woo
    A Synchronous Collaboration Tool for WWW
  151. James M. Jordan, Mark Cresitello-Dittmar, and Jesse Allen
    Tailoring Information Presentation with Words and Pictures at the COSSC
  152. Robert A. Duffy and Michael J. Palmer
    Taking the High Road to Institutional Self-Promotion: Substantive Corporate Communication on the Worldwide Web
  153. William J. Proffer
    Taxing Times: WWW Access to Federal and State Tax Forms, Information and Assistance
  154. Kaitlin Duck Sherwood
    Technical and Sociological Aspects of Developing Campus-Wide Webs: UIUC College of Engineering
  155. Thomas Boutell
    Techniques for Server-Side Dynamic Document Generation
  156. Scott Spetka
    The TkWWW Robot: Beyond Browsing
  157. K. A. Oostendorp, W. F. Punch and R. W. Wiggins
    A Tool for Individualizing the Web
  158. Kennie Jones
    TOPS On-Line - Automating the Construction and Maintenance of HTML pages
  159. Henrik Frystyk
    Towards a Uniform Library of Common Code: A Presentation of the World Wide Web Library
  160. Eric Freese
    The Transformation of SGML Documents for Presentation on the WWW
  161. Marc D. VanHeyningen
    The Unified Computer Science Technical Report Index: Lessons in Indexing Diverse Resources
  162. David Barber
    The University of Michigan Data System
  163. Theresa Kasper
    Untangling the Web - The role of text retrieval in a hypertext environment
  164. Terry E. Weymouth, Dan Atkins, Gary Olson, Bob Clauer, Atul Prakash, Thomas Finholt, and Craig E. Rasmussen
    The Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory: UARC
  165. Mark R. Fernandez,Jim Miller, Jeffrey L. Becklehimer, and Bill Maloy
    The Use of Distributed Hypermedia at the Naval Research Laboratory
  166. Donald J. Fabozzi II
    The Use of Mosaic as a Documentation Tool For Large, Graphically-Based Simulation Software
  167. C. Bruce Baker and Danny E. Brinegar
    The Use of the Information Highway to Explore Climate Variability
  168. Michael Fischer, Michael Meyer and Michael Witbrock
    User Extensibility in Amiga Mosaic
  169. Judy Rice, Rosina Bignall, Dalinda Bond, and Phillip J. Windley
    Uses of Mosaic in a University Setting
  170. Mirjana Spasojevic, Mic Bowman, and Alfred Spector
    Using a Wide-Area File System Within the World Wide Web
  171. Jong-Gyun Lim
    Using Coollists To Index HTML Documents in the Web
  172. Ronald Scharf, Stefan Hartmann, and Werner Wolz
    Using Mosaic for Remote Test System Control Supports Distributed Engineering
  173. John Brien, Peggy Havukainen, Matthew Krenmayr, Antonio Artese, and Mark Silva
    Using Mosaic/WWW in a Business School: New Opportunities for Information Sharing and Teaching. Issues in Implementing Organizational-Wide Networked Multimedia
  174. Jack Hong, George Toye, and Larry Lefier
    Using the WWW for a Team-Based Engineering Design Class
  175. Bernd Mueller
    Using WWW as an Information System to Reduce the Average Period of Study by Better Information Providing and to Relieve Administration
  176. David W. Robertson, William E. Johnston, and Wing Nip
    Virtual Frog Dissection: Interactive 3D Graphics via the Web
  177. Ehud Shapiro
    Virtual Places - A Foundation for Human Interaction
  178. K. E. Willard, J. H. Hallgren, and D. P. Connelly
    W3 Based Medical Information Systems vs. Custom Client Server Applications
  179. David Crossley
    WAIS Through the Web - Discovering Environmental Information
  180. Kurt Maly, J. French, A. Selman and E. Fox
    WATERS - The Wide Area Technical Report Server
  181. Tom Meyer, David Blair, Suzanne Hader
    WAXweb: A MOO-based Collaborative Hypermedia System for WWW
  182. Robert Pearlstein and Peter C. FitzGerald
    The Web as a Computational Engine for Chemistry and Molecular Biology
  183. Ronald F. Boisvert
    A Web Gateway to a Virtual Mathematical Software Repository
  184. Daniel Egret and Andre' Heck
    The Web in Astronomy and Related Space Sciences
  185. Samuel A. Rebelsky
    A Web of Resources for Introductory Computer Science
  186. Kimberly C. Claffy and Hans-Werner Braun
    Web traffic characterization: an assessment of the impact of caching documents from NCSA's web server
  187. Glenn A. Crocker
    web2mush: Serving Interactive Resources to the Web
  188. James Casey, Alberto Aimar, Nikos Drakos, Ian Hannell, Arash Khodabandeh, Paolo Palazzi, Bertrand Rousseau, and Mario Ruggier
    WebLinker: A Tool for Managing Cross References Between WWW Documents
  189. Peter Doemel
    WebMap - A Graphical Hypertext Navigation Tool
  190. Jay Weber
    A Webmaster's Starter Kit
  191. Jonathan Lieberman and Nadine O'Connor DiVito
    WILT: A WWW based Interactive Language Teaching Tool
  192. Howard Beck, Amir Mobini, Viswanath Kadambari
    A Word is Worth 1000 Pictures: Natural Language Access to Digital Libraries
  193. Michael L. Nelson and David J. Bianco
    The World Wide Web and Technology Transfer at NASA Langley
  194. Tom Munnecke
    World Wide Web and the Demise of the Clockwork Universe
  195. Tyson Macaulay
    WWW Clearinghouse for Government Information
  196. Jonathan A. Epstein, Jonathan A. Kans, and Gregory D. Schuler
    WWW Entrez: A Hypertext Retrieval Tool for Molecular Biology
  197. Martin Sjolin
    A WWW Front End to an OODBMS
  198. Richard Dratva
    WWW-based Home Banking Services in Switzerland: A Case Study
  199. Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund, John Nicol, Russel Sasnett, and Vincent Phuah
    WWWinda: An Orchestration Service for WWW Browsers and Accessories

NCSA - Mosaic and the Web Conference - October 17, 1994