This is mostly a collection of old work I've done for various reasons or another that seemed like that could use a home on the web. Enjoy!

General Relativity

I did an interesting project relativity project involving visualization of orbits in the Kerr Metric using Mathematica. The Mathematica notebook is here, or a PDF of the project can be found here.

Quantum Mechanics Applets

In the process of my studies, I've found certain visualization applets useful in understanding the time-evolution of quantum mechanical wave functions. I adapted one of those (originally here) to simulate a wave packet striking a double-well potential. That applet can be found here

Ising Model Applet

Another project I've been working on is using OpenGL Shaders to perform scientific computation. In the process, I built a simple 2D Ising Model simulation that runs in Java (without an OpenGL Shader). This can be found here

Stereographics and SDDM (Stereo Data Display Modules)

My Undergraduate Thesis about this material

SDDM is a project devoted to designing a cross-platform open source application for visualizing complicated three-dimensional data stereoscopically. Due to the advent of real-time 3D hardware-accelerated graphics popularized by modern computer and video games, incredible visualization techniques are available for adding an additional dimension to scientific data visualization. SDDM supports multiple stereo methods, including anaglyph (like the above image), quad-buffered graphics cards, or multiple-projector systems. The software is intended to be simple enough to be used at an undergraduate level, while still being powerful enough to operate as an alternative to other, more expensive commercial solutions.

This project is implemented using OpenGL. The source project is currently stored in a subversion repository .

C++ Implementation (SDDM 1)

The initial version of SDDM was written as an undergraduate thesis project using C++ with the GLUT. This version is limited to Win32 compatibility (although in principle it should be mostly portable), and development has ceased in favor of the Java version.

Download binary distribution for Win32

Download binary sample data files

Java Implementation (SDDM 2)

The C++ Implementation is limited due to the choice of GLUT as the underlying windowing toolkit. It's limitations led to a re-design of SDDM in the Java programming language using JOGL, the java bindings to OpenGL. This project is no longer under development, but can be has a subversion repository that can be found at . A build with all the capability of SDDM 1 (and more) can be found here, along with basic documentation, as well as more sample data. Alternatively, for easy installation, use the Java Web Start version of SDDM - just run it (you must have Java installed). The sample data must be downloaded to your local system to use, however.