Past Events

Aug 27, 2019
Jun 17, 2019 Congratulations Class of 2019. See more details:
May 07, 2019 Breakfast Lecture Series Isabella VelicognaWeighting Changes in Water and Ice from Space  May 7, 2019 I UCI Student Center, Pacific Ballroom D Breakfast 7:30 am I Lecture 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Apr 06, 2019
Mar 12, 2019 Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell will relate how pulsars (pulsating radio sources) were accidentally discovered (50 years ago!), discuss some instances where pulsars were 'nearly discovered' and reflect on what lessons can be drawn for today's telescopes and observing programs. 
Mar 05, 2019 A great deal of current research in differential geometry has to do with what mathematicians call singularities. These range from corners which arise in optimal networks to black holes in general relativity.
Feb 09, 2019 Come back to campus for reunion during UCI Homecoming Weekend, February 8 & 9, 2019, and enjoy an exciting series of events – from a showcase of university deans, to networking opportunities, to cocktails with your classmates to an exclusive hospitality tent during homecoming.