Adventures in Physics 2017: Neutrino Astronomy

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 1:00pm
UCI Physical Sciences Lecture Hall

This exciting physics show and lecture
will entertain children and adults!

1:00 - Professor Bill Heidbrink and his team will kick off the show demonstrating
concepts involving Newton’s laws and momentum. Learn about mass, velocity, and conservation of momentum. Watch cannons explode and rockets launch, then participate in educational hands-on activities.

2:00 - Professor Steven Barwick braves the fierce wind chill of the South Pole to capture one of science’s most elusive prey: neutrinos. These ghostly particles could carry secrets from the depths of the universe and only big powerful telescopes can detect them. Professor Barwick has spent over 25 years developing new kinds of telescopes that detect neutrinos in Antarctica. Come learn about his adventures living and working in remote places in Antarctica!

3:00 - UCI students will host a Q&A session about life in college.