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UC Irvine Physical Sciences Student Machine Shop


The Physical Science Student Machine Shop is a well-equipped shop offering three manual mills, two manual lathes, drill press and band saws for basic machining. This provides engineering students with a well-equipped, safe working environment in which those students can design and manufacture their projects for engineering classes, research, and vehicle and team competition through on-site technical guidance.


The Student Machine  Shop provides safety training and technical guidance as well as machine operation instruction for the purpose of providing hands on experience which seeks to balance and compliment the strong theoretical education  here at UC Irvine. It serves engineering students from the ME, CE, NE, EE and BioE Departments.


The Student Machine Shop  is located at B012 Reines Hall


The  Student Machine Shop is managed and operated by Mark Steinborn.


The Student Machine Shop training program provides student instruction covering safe working skills using hand tools, operating power machine tools safely, and the general procedures operating those machine tools. The machine tools include engine lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, drill presses, off-hand grinders, belt sanders, band saws, Table saws, Routers and additional equipment used in teaching manufacturing processes, including  a Fadal  VMC,  a Mitsubishi Wire EDM and a large assortment of sheet metal equipment.


Upon completion of a concentrated (12 hour) technical training program, students who qualify are allowed to utilize the shop facility. Here, they design and  manufacture their engineering projects supporting their engineering class work, research, and team competition groups.

 Sign Up

The Student Machine Shop training begins by signing up at the Research Machine Shop in B012 Reines Hall at the beginning of each semester, see Mark Steinborn


Mark Steinborn
(949) 824-6445