Eric S. Saltzman

3325 Croul Hall,1212 Croul Hall University of California Irvine Irvine, CA 92697 (949) 824-3936, 5540
Professor of Earth System Science
Professor of Chemistry
Earth System Science

Ph.D., University of Miami, 1985, Oceanography

Biography and Research: 

Professor Saltzman's research goal is to understand what controls the production, emissions, and atmospheric chemistry of oceanic trace gases. His lab develops trace gas detectors, collects field data from islands and ships, and uses computer models to simulate natural processes.

He is also interested in the history of trace gas/climate interactions. Air bubbles and aerosols trapped in deep polar ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica provide a sample of the ancient atmosphere. Ice core studies involve field sampling and laboratory analysis of polar ice cores and air trapped in polar snow.

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