Mathematician Alice Silverberg awarded Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant

Mon, 11/03/2014
The grant will help advance research in cryptography

Alice Silverberg, Professor of Mathematics, was awarded a grant of $793,000 from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  The purpose of the grant is to engage mathematicians and cryptographers in developing efficient and secure methods of computing on encrypted data.

“Recent breakthroughs in cryptography have given us the possibility of extremely powerful tools for electronic privacy and cybersecurity,” says Silverberg.  “To turn such possibilities into practical realities requires sustained collaboration between computer scientists and mathematicians, which will be enabled by this project.  This funding will enable me to run a series of conferences and workshops with a diverse group of participants, in order to come up with new ways to use mathematics to create more efficient and secure methods for performing multiparty computation.”

Professor Silverberg joined UCI in 2004 after 20 years at the Ohio State University.  In addition to her primary appointment in the Mathematics Department, she has a courtesy appointment as a Professor of Computer Science at UCI.  Professor Silverberg's research areas are number theory and cryptography.  She received her undergraduate degree summa cum laude from Harvard University, a Masters degree and PhD from Princeton University, and a Master of Advanced Studies degree from the University of Cambridge.  Her past awards include Sloan, Humboldt, Bunting, IBM, and NSF Fellowships.