John Leyerle

John Wayne Airport and US Coast Guard

BA-Physics, 1972

Career Path: 

1. Retired from wage-earning for 7 years. Enjoying family and friends, travel, and active engagement in "giving back" through volunteer teaching, mentoring and affirming support of mental health and veteran's program.

Recently active in Honor Flight Southland guardian and leadership roles committed to honoring military veterans.  Periodically co-teach a 12-week course entitled Family-To-Family through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) designed to empower family members whose loved ones have a major mental illness. I recently retired from four years service on the NAMI Orange County Board of Directors and as President for two years.

2. In the Private Sector worked for two small acoustical consulting companies (Industrial Noise Services and Bio Acoustical Engineering), and two large civil engineering companies (Mission Viejo Company and Nolte and Associates).

Began my technical career path as an Acoustical Physicist with project responsibilities. Lots of technical report writing. Within 8 years matured my career to supervisor responsibilities. Within approximately 12 years grew my career to middle management supervision of multiple technical groups including community acoustics and landscape architecture. At approximately 16 years assumed leadership responsibilities as an Associate Director. In 1992 during an economic recession and housing development slowing was laid off.

Immediately joined John Wayne Airport staff.

3. In the Public Sector worked for John Wayne Airport (JWA), also know as Orange County Airport and Santa Ana Airport - SNA. Served in the Public Affairs Division as the Manager of Access and Noise for 9 years leading and managing a staff of five working daily with 12 domestic Air Carriers and numerous community groups, citizens, agencies and governments. On 11 SEP 2001

(9/11) I was recalled to military active duty, left my job, home and family for two years, and traveled to several continents around the world, including wartime deployment and leadership in the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Returned to JWA in NOV 2003 and shifted to the Facilities Division where I served as the Assistant Deputy Airport Director, Facilities.

Senior leadership responsibility for several divisions including Airport Development, Airport Maintenance, Airport Safety, and Environmental Compliance.

4. In the military, served the United States Coast Guard. As a Sophomore at UCI was in the last military draft with a draft number of 7 out of 365. Two years later after graduation and the culmination of my Student Deferment I married a fellow UCI Biology student, Claudia, and six weeks later entered Military Basic Training. Enlisted for 8 years working in the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbors as a Port Security specialist performing commercial vessel inspections and pollution prevention monitoring one weekend each month and two weeks each summer. I applied and competed for a Commission, was selected on my second try and served another 30 years as a Reserve Commissioned Officer, reaching the senior officer rank of Captain, O6. As a Junior Officer (Ensign through Lieutenant Commander) I served as the Officer of the Day at the LA/LB Captain of the Port, Search and Rescue Controller for the Eleventh District, and Planning Officer. I initiated service in the new Expeditionary Warfare commands integrating Coast Guard Reserve and US Navy Reserve members.

For over a decade I served the roles of Planning Officer, Operations Officer, Executive Officer, and Deputy Commander. I led multiple military readiness exercises throughout the world. For two years following 9/11 I served as the Naval Coastal Warfare senior officer, deployed to the Northern Arabian Gulf on board the USS Tarawa with senior commander responsibility for approximately 900 personnel in over a dozen units dedicated to the safe flow of military ships and supplies into and out of the region. Later my leadership duties shifted to Coast Guard Deployable Operations program planning and policy. The final 6 years of my career was spent as the Eleventh District Senior Reserve Office and the Pacific Area Deputy Chief of Staff. My Reserve Officer duties during the last decade of my career involved approximately 20 hours weekly from my home base and many days per month traveling and serving. In all my positions Private, Public, and Military I was blessed to provide mentoring support to many fellow organization members.

Career Experience: 
1. Private Sector for 20 years: Acoustical Engineering with focus on occupational noise exposure, measurement and control, and community noise measurement and control. Middle management supervision and leadership.
2. Public Sector for 20 years: Aviation Acoustics community noise measurement and regulation, 10 years. Facilities capitol improvement (e.g. new Terminal C at John Wayne Airport) and maintenance, 10 years.
Middle management supervision and senior management leadership, strategic planning, and policy planning.
3. Military for 38 years: Enlisted Reserve Petty Officer 8 years, and Commissioned Reserve Officer 30 years United States Coast Guard.
Focus on environmental regulation and compliance, search and rescue, expeditionary warfare, program and policy development and support, senior leadership.
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI); Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE), Board Certified; Acoustical Society of America (ASA); Reserve Officers Association (ROA), Life Member
Personal Interests: 
1. Visiting and supporting family and friends.
2. Travel throughout the United States and internationally. In the last two decades my wife and I have traveled overseas on about eight trips throughout much of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
3. Spending some family vacation time in Maui each summer in a rented condo.
4. Photography: I have a good DSLR Canon camera and I'm growing my understanding and capability in taking pictures. This is my creative outlet!
5. Honoring Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside veterans as a Board Member of Honor Flight Southland. Twice yearly about 32 veterans and their support guardians are honored for three days in Washington D.C. programs.
6. Co-teaching Family-To-Family periodically for three months. The typical class of two dozen adult students are deeply empowered and blessed with the broad and cutting-edge information presented through the resources of NAMI.
7. Fishing, both deep sea and fresh water.
8. Casual coin collecting since my youth. 8. Routine exercise - aerobic and strength building - several times weekly.
Type of Students: 
One who is open to exploring and discussing the many possibilities of life's opportunities, to anticipating the serendipity of many life choices,
and who is interested in receiving honest, supportive, encouraging feedback on plans and choices which are both near term and in the future.
I'm exciting about providing a sounding board, serving as a confidant, and offering input as the student ultimately makes their own choice in every instance.
I anticipate starting with the dynamic of one student and may choose to continue that one-on-one dynamic, or potentially explore mentoring support for a small group of two or three students.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
6 years 5 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
In person meetings for sure! Supplemented by periodic emails, text messages, and phone calls.