Zach Gelbaum

Director of Research
Longboard Capital Advisors, LLC - Costa Mesa/Santa Monica,CA

Ph.D. Mathematics

Career Path: 

I knew I wanted to be a Mathematician and that meant getting a Ph.D. I didn't plan on a career in finance, only a career outside academia as I knew I didn't want to follow the standard path to a professorship. An opportunity came along through my personal network (take note!!) to work at a hedge fund, and as I had been preparing for such an opportunity I felt ready to take the job. Our company is essentially a start-up, and so I spend my time building the quantitative end of the business.


Career Experience: 
Academic Mathematics: teaching and research. Applied Mathematics: quantitative (algorithmic) finance
Personal Interests: 
Mathematics, the beach, family, yoga.
Type of Students: 
Junior or Senior. A student willing to go to graduate school in mathematics, or possibly statistical physics, i.e., a student willing to devote 4-6 more years to mastering mathematics (or maybe statistical physics, obviously I'd recommend math).
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
4 years 5 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
In person meetings