Matt Aggleton

R&D Engineer
LeFiell Manufacturing

Ph.D. Chemical and Materials Physics - UCI

M.S. Chemical and Materials Physics - UCI

B.S. Physics - Rochester Institute of Technology

Career Path: 

Fresh out of graduate school I taught Physics and Math for one year at an art college. Since then I have been working in aerospace engineering in a variety of roles including engineering management, new aircraft development, production planning, and R&D. I am currently working as an R&D Engineer for a manufacturer of tubular components for aerospace. These are parts that move fluids around an aircraft or provide structural support to hold engines and wings in place. In my R&D role I am responsible for developing new manufacturing processes, improving existing practices, and on-boarding new technology into our facility.

Career Experience: 
Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Process Improvement, Research and Development
American Physical Society :: ASM International :: American Welding Society
Personal Interests: 
I enjoy discussing scientific issues, from both social policy and educational perspectives. I also play ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and racquetball. I am a fan of live theater and hockey, attending both as frequently as is reasonable.
Type of Students: 
Happy to plan ahead to meet 1-2 times/month in person, and I will always respond to emails and text messages.
My focus is on any student with questions about transitioning from academia to industry, or a physics student looking for general advice.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
7 years 8 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
I am a big fan of actually sitting down in person for a conversation. I anticipate meet with my mentee on a roughly monthly basis and would be available to talk whenever needed.
I find the best mentoring relationships need to be driven by the mentee. I am not going to badger you to meet with me. This program is for your benefit so you need to invest yourself in it.