Alexander Shaaban

Associate Attorney - In House Counsel
Trinidad and Associates - Glendale, CA

B.S. University of California Irvine Chemistry, 1998 Certificate in Public Employee Leadership Development

Cal State Fullerton, 2012 Certificate in Environmental Management

J.D. Western State College of Law

Career Path: 

During my last year at UCI I worked full time as a Process Tech for Rockwell Semiconductor Systems; which was very challenging. After graduation I attended Cal State Long Beach as a graduate student. There I taught chemistry, an experience I found very rewarding. I attempted sales for a short while then found myself back in the lab working as a temp for Orange County Sanitation District. Working for OCSD rekindled my passion for chemistry and I've been here for seven years now. I'm currently attending a law program with an interest in environmental law at Western State University.

Career Experience: 
Semiconductor Industry; Pharmaceutical; Environmental; Education; Criminal and Civil Law
American Chemical Society :: :: California Water Environment Association
Personal Interests: 
Outdoors, Fitness, Farming, and Comics/Video Games.
Type of Students: 
I would cater my advice and mentoring to the student I get assigned. First year students need different advice and mentoring than a student ready to go into the work force. A student in the same discipline as mine might benefit more from visits to my lab.
Yet, I can give the same kind of advice and direction to students outside of my field. I'll say the following. On my graduation day I heard a quote from one of our speakers that has stuck with me to this day:
We at UCI did not produce chemists, we produced people who think like chemist and approach problem solving like chemist. Again, to answer the question, I think I can assist any student at any level of their scholastic career.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
8 years 8 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
Can meet twice per month. The ideal relationship involves a give and take relationship.
I can help any type of student but I'm interested in helping someone who is not afraid to think about where they are, what they want, and where they want to be.