Ryan Hill

Board Member
Abramba Technologies

UCI B.S. Physics 1995

USC MBA 1997

Career Path: 

I have worked in corporate finance and technology roles for over 20 years. Currently I am a Board Member of Abramba Technologies - we are focused on eliminating energy poverty in Ethiopia and Africa.

At Advantage Solutions, I lead ERP and Business Intelligence initiatives (financial systems implementation). Prior to Advantage, I spent 10 years at Broadcom where I utilized my understanding of both finance and technology to help guide the company toward profitable decisions.

Career Experience: 
Corporate Finance, Information Technology
Personal Interests: 
Cars, in particular British sports cars (Triumph and Aston Martin owner).
I enjoy alternative (industrial/punk/post-punk) music, traveling, and spending time with my family.
Type of Students: 
Someone interested in a career in business. If you are debating doing an MBA in the future and want to know what a career in business is like, especially Finance, I can probably help.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
18 years 9 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
In person meetings prefered. I both live and work in Irvine and am always happy to meet up in the evening for coffee. I have been doing this for several years - If you are committed and make the time to meet me in person it will be the most beneficial.
I find that it is best to meet about every month if possible. I expect students to come prepared with questions and are willing to do very basic research on topics we discuss.
For example, most students aren't usually completely sure what they want to do, so I may have you do a quick personality test to help me assess things about you that would make you better suited to some careers rather than others.
Please do not pick me as a mentor if you are not committed to the program. However, if you are committed and need some direction on whether a career in business is for you - I am here to help.