Cavan Donohoe

Senior Statistical Programmer Analyst

BS in Mathematics

Career Path: 

My path has lead me from an assumed forever career as an actuary, self teaching how to program in R, to statistical programming at GRAIL. GRAIL does early cancer detection using the DNA sequence. I love this company's mission and this is looking more and more like my forever career. I work remotely now and travel the world while working in weird time zones. And even though I may be out of town, state, or country, I find time to do the things I love. Like mentoring our bright anteaters.

Career Experience: 
Data science, actuarial, data analysis
Personal Interests: 
I'm really into volleyball and traveling! And traveling for volleyball. Always staying active and trying to fill my day up to not get bored.
Type of Students: 
Helping students out with general questions for jobs, work life balance, pointing them in good directions along with so much more!
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
1 year 7 months ago