Mitch Lee

Boeing Deputy Fleet Chief - Retired
The Boeing Company

BS - Engineering Technology Cal Poly - Pomona 1985

AS - Electrical Engineering Technology - San Francisco City College 1981

Career Path: 

Mitch has been with the Boeing Company for 20 years. Mitch worked as the 767 Deputy Fleet Chief / Multi-Model Deputy Fleet Chief leadership advisor. Throughout his career, Mitch worked on several US and International government and commercial programs. Mitch has worked on-site at Boeing suppliers and also supporting Operations, Manufacturing and Test Engineering.

Mitch began his career with Northrop Grumman and has 13 years of advance program development engineering experience specializing in development, certification and production readiness of emerging products.

Since retiring, Mitch continues to be active in various activities in technology, business development, community service and mentoring.

Mitch is a consultant for MEI Machine Company regarding Business / Product Strategy development.

Mitch is an Advisory Board Member for Theory Seventy Three Corp Mitch is an active Advisory Board member of the Anaheim Public Utilities and the Anaheim Underground Power Conversion Committee.

Mitch previous was the Chairperson for the Anaheim Housing Element plan - For affordable housing Mitch previously volunteered at the California - Employment Development Department assisting applicants on resume and mock interviews.

Career Experience: 
Electrical Engineering - Various levels from component - Circuit card, box level, systems, full vehicle Test and Integration Qualification Flight Test Supplier Management Project Management US and International Programs
Personal Interests: 
New emerging technology applications into medical, environmental and space applications STEM for High School and College Student
Type of Students: 
Students that might have an idea on a career goal that I can help guide them towards a meaningful employment.
Educate on the student on interviews, entering the professional workplace, understanding expectations and opportunities.
Developing a career roadmap which could involve technical, managerial leadership, or director / executive opportunities.
I actually have a few mentees that I kept in touch for almost 20 years providing later career advice.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
1 year 1 month ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
The first meeting is in person. Depending on that discussion, another in person meeting may be required or desired, Ideally the student should be able to share their current courses and communicate their desired career goals.
Student should develop a LinkedIn profile and associated resume.
I will then guide the student to various post and threads of interest.
Remote mentoring is also an option but only after meeting in person least one time.