Anna Cheong

Software Engineer Team Lead

B.A. Psychology

Career Path: 

I started my education thinking I wanted to go into medical school. I started my undergrad as a Neuroscience major. After taking some psychology courses, I found it more interesting, so I decided to switch majors. When the time came to apply for medical school, I realized that it wasn't my calling. It was something I thought I wanted, but I found that it wasn't my passion. 

I always liked working with computers and learning about new technology. So I knew my passion was in computer science. I found resources to teach myself the basics of programming and eventually found an "internship" position where I could learn while working for a company. Just a year later, I found a position at Melissa as a software engineering. I have now been at Melissa for 5 years and I am now a team lead for the same team I joined. My path and journey may not be the most traditional, but it lead me to where I wanted to be.

Career Experience: 
Software Engineer
Personal Interests: 
I am a Disney fan. Before covid (and before they got rid of AP), I used to go to Disneyland 2-3 times a month! I love to bake in my free time and currently in the process of finding the perfect baguette recipe.
One of my favorite fictional universe is Tolkien's Mythological Universe. I am recently learning about just how grand and epic this world is and hoping to start reading The Silmarillion soon.
Type of Students: 
I am willing and will do my best to help any student who is willing to put in the effort.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
2 years 8 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
I hope that whoever I will be working with, can be comfortable and be themselves around me. Like an honorary sibling. I hope I can help them be prepared for a world after college as they enter the "real" world.