Eric Sponberg

Assistant Actuary
Pacific Life Insurance

Georgia Tech - M.S. Analytics

UC Irvine - B.S. Mathematics

UC Irvine - B.A. Quantitative Economics

Career Path: 

I was privileged to start my career with a local insurance company as an actuarial intern. I gained work experience and utilized their employee development programs to try out a variety of job roles and pass enough certifications to become a credentialed actuary. Along with much of the traditional roles an actuary may be tasked with, recently I have also been working on some of the upstart data analytics efforts at my company.

When I look at my career path it has consisted of a combination of looking backward with experience, at which types of work, which departments/products, and which management styles I preferred, and then using that knowledge to look forward and attempt to steer myself toward more of those preferable aspects.


Career Experience: 
Math majors, actuarial, financial services, data science/analytics
Society of Actuaries
Personal Interests: 
I try to stay somewhat active; living near the water, I enjoy rowing and playing volleyball. Streaming an interesting movie or TV show is always a nice way to relax.
I also enjoy being active politically and volunteering my time for causes pursuing social justice and a more equitable society.
Type of Students: 
Open to all students and backgrounds, including but not limited to:
1) Students who want to be proactive in their career pursuits
2) Math majors (like myself) who are not yet sure what they can do with their degree
3) Those interested in actuarial work
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
7 years 5 months ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
I'm open to what a particular student thinks will work best for him/her. When I was a student in the PSUM program, it was difficult to find time around busy coursework, job(s), family and friends, to fit in career research.
It was also a challenge to ask questions about things which I did not yet know (an unknown-unknown situation).
In hopes of addressing these challenges, I suppose my ideal mentoring relationship would include meeting frequently in-person to have informal chats about whatever topics are top-of-mind (school, jobs, life, etc.).