• Ralph Cicerone, fourth UCI chancellor and acclaimed scientist, dies at 73

    The School of Physical Sciences is deeply saddened by the loss of Ralph Cicerone. He played a central role in moving UCI to a premier position as a top research university. His design for the Department of Earth System Science was unique and well ahead of its time, bringing together top scientists from engineering, physics and chemistry to study a problem of crucial importance to humanity: climate change. Ralph will be dearly missed.

  • Norman Rostoker

    “In my mind – as well as a global plasma physics elite ... this [Rostoker's science] is the most fruitful scientific endeavor in fusion research anywhere in the world.” - Arno Penzias, 1978 Nobel Laureate

  • Douglas L. Mills

    "Distinguished scholar, outstanding teacher, a most congenial colleague, and a warm human being, Doug Mills is mourned by the condensed matter community, and will be greatly missed by all who knew him."

  • John Rosendahl

    "He had a passion for teaching and created memorable lecture-demonstrations to promote physics to young students from the local school districts."

  • F. Sherwood Rowland

    “He saved the world from a major catastrophe: never wavering in his commitment to science, truth and humanity, and did so with integrity and grace.”

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Gary McCue

Dr. Gary McCue, esteemed alumnus and friend of the UC Irvine School of Physical Sciences, died on December 8, 2016.   Gary was passionate about supporting research and took immense pride in underwriting the McCue Fellows Program in Cosmology.  His support has been instrumental in shaping the careers of young people, many of whom have gone on to be shining stars in the field of cosmology. You can read about the McCue Fellows here. “The Center for Cosmology at UC Irvine would not exist were it not for Gary McCue’s generous support and vision,” says James Bullock, Professor of Physics & Astronomy. "He truly valued our efforts and we will always be grateful for his leadership." Gary’s family requests that if you would like to donate in...

Ralph Cicerone

Ralph J. Cicerone, fourth chancellor of the University of California, Irvine and internationally acclaimed atmospheric chemist, died Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016. He was 73. Cicerone’s research helped shape environmental policy at the highest levels nationally and globally. As chancellor of UCI from 1998 to 2005, he oversaw a rapid rise in its academic capabilities as well as the construction of major research halls and the $375 million teaching hospital at UC Irvine Medical Center. Cicerone left UCI after being elected president of the National Academy of Sciences, where he wielded international clout on scientific issues until his retirement in 2016. “For his powerful and profound work as a chemist and Earth system scientist, and for his...

Chad Cantwell

Chad Cantwell was born on September 3, 1981. He came to UC Irvine as an undergraduate student in 1997. Known as a "Gifted Student" throughout his K-12 education, Chad was very successful in his computer science studies at UCI. In 1999, he met Domingos Begalli who, as his professor, saw Chad’s great talent in programming and hired him to be part of his team at the UCI School of Physical Sciences Computing Office. Chad worked on various technical projects to support the School's professors and research centers. In recent years Chad has been instrumental in the School's GreenPlanet Intel Cluster, which is a cutting-edge computer cluster that enables researchers to run computational experiments, and build complex simulations and modeling. One...