Beall Innovation Awards

Think big. That’s a short and sweet piece of advice from a recent winner of the Beall Innovation Award, which seeks to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among UC Irvine researchers. Taking discoveries and inventions from the laboratory to the marketplace means imagining the ways in which new technologies could sprout from existing science, as well as keeping close track of research trends that might point the way to the future.

 "Accelerating the transfer of technology is critical to helping the country remain competitive in a global marketplace." 
- Don Beall, Chairman Emeritus, Retired Chairman/CEO, Rockwell

The annual Beall Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Beall Family Foundation. 

2016 Recipients:
Shane Ardo 
Peter Taborek 

2015 Recipients:
Ken Shea
Zuzanna Siwy
David Van Vranken 

2014 Recipients:
Reg Penner & Greg Weiss
Ken Shea
​Zuzanna Siwy

2013 Recipients:
Suzanne Blum
Zhibin Guan
AJ Shaka