UCI Math Circle

The UCI Math Circle, developed and run by Mathematics Professor Alessandra Pantano with the help of some UCI math graduate students, brings together talented high school students to enhance their appreciation of mathematics and teach interesting aspects of math that are not covered in a typical school curriculum. These mathematical explorations are organized for all mathematically inclined students who wish to experience “doing” math. During these meetings, students are actively engaged in writing proofs to solve challenging, open-ended problems; they are encouraged to formulate conjectures and write sound, logical arguments to support them. Differently from most existing K-12 math enrichment programs offered in the Irvine area, the UCI Math Circle does not focus on improving speed and performance in math contests. Rather, it seeks to promote a more mature understanding of higher mathematics through open and collaborative experiences. UCI math graduate students also help run 'the circle,' gaining a unique teaching perspective that will enrich their professional portfolio.

These meetings are held once a month in the Natural Sciences II Building in room 1201 on the UCI campus, typically on a Saturday from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. All interested middle school and high school students are welcome to attend UCI Math Circle meetings. To learn more go to www.math.uci.edu/~mathcircle.