Endowed Chairs

UCI recently ranked #1 among U.S. universities under 50 years old.  Only strong private support, however, will enable UCI to maintain its preeminence over the long term, especially in competition with its private peers.  It is no coincidence that the nation's top-ranked private universities have the largest endowments.

With significant new investments and careful stewardship, UC Irvine's endowment will sustain world-class standing far into the future. 

What is Endowment, and What Does it Support?

An endowment supports students, faculty, and programs in perpetuity. The principal of the gift is invested, and a portion of the return is used each year to support the school or program designated by the donor. The remainder of the return is reinvested so that the endowment will grow and keep pace with inflation. The School can receive gifts paid either to The UC Regents or the UC Irvine Foundation. Both are classified as tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, so gifts to either are tax-deductible.

Depending on the donor's designation, endowments may be established for a wide variety of purposes. Among the most useful endowments are those whose payout provides unrestricted support to the dean or departmental chairs. Other designations include faculty chairs, graduate fellowships, undergraduate scholarships, program support, and research.

A Gift in Perpetuity – Named Endowments

A contribution to the School's endowment is an enduring gift to future generations. Gifts of endowment of $50,000 or more may be named for the donor or for someone the donor wishes to honor or memorialize.  

To learn more about establishing or contributing to an endowment, please contact Marijana Lekousis at marijana@uci.edu or 949-824-8111.