Fellowships & Scholarships

Graduate Fellowships

Great universities, and great departments within great universities, make their mark on the world by training graduate students.

One of the largest expenses for science research is graduate student stipends.  Our nation’s global leadership in the sciences is due in large part to the fact that the top graduate students in the sciences do not pay tuition.  In order to remain competitive with private institutions, we must offer each of our graduate students a package that includes full tuition and a small stipend that covers minimal room and board.

These excellent graduate students also play an important role in undergraduate education both in the classroom and in the research lab. Funding for graduate fellowships would be the single most important boost to the overall excellence of our programs.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Today, approximately 80% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid.  Endowed scholarships and fellowships support students in perpetuity, ensuring that exceptional young minds are able to come to UC Irvine to learn and participate at the only education and research institution in Orange County. Support our emerging leaders in the scientific communities by establishing an endowed scholarship or fellowship at the school. 

For more information, contact Marijana Lekousis at marijana@uci.edu or 949-824-8111