OpenChemistry Lecture Videos

Professor Ramesh Arasasingham

CHEM 1C: General Chemistry

Equilibria, aqueous acid-base equilibria, solubility equilibria, oxidation reduction reactions, electrochemistry; kinetics; special topics.

Textbook: Chemical Principles: Quest for Insight, Atkins, Peter and Jones, Loretta; W. H. Freeman and Co., Fifth Edition, 2010. An older edition of this textbook would also be OK. 
Supplemental Reading: Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual to Accompany Chemical Principles, The Quest for Insight, W. H. Freeman and Co., Fifth Edition, 2010.
Lecture 1: Chemical Equilibrium, Part I
Lecture 2: Chemical Equilibrium, Part II
Lecture 3: Chemical Equilibrium, Part III
Lecture 4: Acids and Bases, Part I
Lecture 5: Acids and Bases, Part II
Lecture 6: Acids and Bases, Part III
Lecture 7: Acids and Bases, Part IV
Lecture 8: Acids and Bases, Part V
Lecture 9: Acids and Bases, Part VI
Lecture 10: Buffered Solutions (Buffers), Part I
Lecture 11: Buffered Solutions (Buffers), Part II
Lecture 12: Aqueous Equilibria, Part I
Lecture 13: Aqueous Equilibria, Part II
Lecture 14: Aqueous Equilibria, Part III
Lecture 15: Aqueous Equilibria, Part IV
Lecture 16: Electrochemistry, Part I
Lecture 17: Electrochemistry, Part II
Lecture 18: Electrochemistry, Part III
Lecture 19: Electrochemistry, Part IV
Lecture 20: Electrochemistry, Part V
Lecture 21: Electrochemistry, Part VI
Lecture 22: Chemical Kinetics, Part I
Lecture 23: Chemical Kinetics, Part II
Lecture 24: Chemical Kinetics, Part III
Lecture 25: Chemical Kinetics, Part IV
Lecture 26: Chemical Kinetics, Part V