OpenChemistry Lecture Videos

Professor Reginald Penner

CHEM 131C: Physical Chemistry - Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics

Energy, entropy, and the thermodynamic potentials. Chemical equilibrium. Chemical kinetics.

Lecture 1: Syllabus, Homework, & Lectures
Lecture 2: The Boltzmann Distribution Law
Lecture 3: Energy and q (The Partition Function)
Lecture 4: Entropy
Lecture 5: The Equipartition Theorum
Lecture 6: The Rotational Partition Function
Lecture 7: Vibrational Partition Functions
Lecture 8: The First Law
Lecture 9: The First Law (review) & Adiabatic Processes, Part II
Lecture 10: Jim Joule
Lecture 11: Midterm I Review
Lecture 12: Entropy and The Second Law
Lecture 13: The Carnot Cycle
Lecture 14: The Gibbs Energy
Lecture 15: Getting to Know The Gibbs Energy
Lecture 16: The Chemical Potential
Lecture 17: Finding Equilibrium
Lecture 18: Equilibrium In Action
Lecture 19: Observational Chemical Kinetics
Lecture 20: The Integrated Rate Law
Lecture 21: The Steady State Approximation
Lecture 22: Midterm Exam Review
Lecture 23: Lindemann-Hinshelwood, Part I
Lecture 24: Lindemann-Hinshelwood, Part II
Lecture 25: Enzymes, Part II
Lecture 26: Transition State Theory
Lecture 27: The Final Exam