John Barton

Business Executive, Entrepreneur, and Investor

John Barton has successively grown businesses as a senior executive in industry leading public corporations and at start-ups. He was the CEO of several start-up companies including Wave Optics and Novera Optics. John founded Wave Optics and grew this self-funded company, profitably and cash-flow positive, from 2 to more than 400 employees before selling it to Flextronics. With 20+ years of operating experience and product development experience, John’s expertise spans to networking systems, renewable energy, consumer products, digital imaging and optical components. John is known for his ability to lead teams that innovate and quickly develop technically complex products. He also has experience raising money, restructuring companies, and negotiating exits.

John holds a M.S. in Management, Business Administration and Operations Management from Stanford University. He is also an alumnus at UC Irvine and obtained B.S. degrees in Physics and Mathematics.