John Gerace

President and CEO
Freedom Meditech, Inc. 

John Gerace was appointed President and CEO of Freedom Meditech - a non-invasive disease detection and monitoring medical device company located in San Diego, CA.  He also recently cofounded Calabri Biosciences, which manages a portfolio of intellectual property assets involved in wireless / mobile Healthcare diagnostics and monitoring. Prior to this role, he spent six and a half years at Life Technologies (acquired by Thermo Fisher in 2014) leading the Applied Sciences division, which served the Human Identification, Food Safety, Animal Health and other Industrial Testing segments.  He also served as Vice President and General Manager of the PCR Systems business unit within Life Technologies.  Prior to joining Life Technologies, he held several Sales, Marketing and Corporate Business Development leadership roles at Beckman Coulter from 1993-2007.

From 1985-1993, Mr. Gerace conducted biomedical research associated with Ophthalmic medical devices within the University of California, Irvine’s Department of Ophthalmology and then as a research chemist at Allergan Medical Optics, where he was principle inventor on four U.S. patents.  He received Bachelor’s of Science degrees in chemistry and biological sciences from U.C. Irvine with honors and a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.  He is also a board member for the Iacocca Family Foundation - a non-profit organization with the objective of accelerating the discovery of a cure for Type-1 Diabetes.  Mr. Gerace also serves as a Trustee for the UC Irvine Foundation.

UCI Affiliation:
Foundation Trustee
Alumni Association Board – President Elect
Alumnus: B.S. Chemistry and Bio Sciences ‘87