Assad Kazeminy

Founder and CEO
Avrio BioPharmaceuticals

Irvine Pharmaceutical Services

Dr. Assad J. Kazeminy is CEO and Founder of Irvine Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. and Avrio Biopharmaceuticals, LLC. He has over 30 years of experience and expertise in Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Microbiology, Formulation and Aseptic Manufacturing.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science and Biochemistry and completed a post doctorate at the USC Medical School, Department of Pharmacology. In addition, Dr. Kazeminy has taught at the University of Southern California and has conducted research at the University of California, Irvine.

Dr. Kazeminy has extensive knowledge in FDA regulations and various compendia methodologies. He has made many contributions towards advancing the pharmaceutical sciences, and his efforts have been influential in shaping and reforming current industry standards. He served as a member of the Expert Committee of the United States Pharmacopeia for over 16 years, and was a member of the USP Advisory Panel for Residual Solvents between 2006-2008. Currently, he is a member of USP convention (WCDG) and USP Advisory Panel for Metal Impurity.

Recently, Dr. Kazeminy was appointed to the UC Irvine School of Physical Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council as well as the UC Irvine Department of Chemistry External Advisory Board. At the University of Chapman, he is part of the School of Pharmacy Dean’s Professional Advisory Board.