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2013-2014 marks the 11th year of the Physical Sciences Undergraduate Mentoring (PSUM) program. This year, 88 students were paired with alumni and...
President Barack Obama’s commencement speech at UCI last month was brimming with accolades for the impact of the research from the School of Physical...

Upcoming Events

The MIND Research Institute is hosting their Math Fair on August 2 at UCI Bren Events Center. This free, family-fun event will excite young minds as they interact with mathematically-themed activities, games, exhibits and performances.   This event is open to K-12 students, current/prospective teachers, and parents. Full...
Physical Sciences Undergraduate Mentoring (PSUM) program mentors are invited to a gathering hosted by Dean Kenneth C. Janda. Join fellow mentors for an evening of networking. Refreshments provided. This event is by invitation only. 
The 2014-15 Fall quarter begins September 29 and ends December 19. Fist day or instruction is October 2. For a full schedule please visit 
Instruction begins for 2014-15 fall quarter. 
Winter quarter 2014-15 begins on January 2 and ends on March 20.